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04 Dec 2020 08:57 #16513 by Geno
Getting harder to find Made in USA parts but they are out there. Every time I order or reorder more things for the shop the 1st thing I ask is where's it made. I am determined to keep Made in USA products here and in the store. I was about out of fuel bushings, fuel elbows, and 1/4" eclips and I found that they went to made in China. doh

The eclips were easy, just had to go to transmission rebuild parts, most of those parts are Made in USA. After a lot of digging I found USA fuel parts but had to go to an Aircraft supply company to get them. Good thing is they are made for jet fuel so they are even better than the originals, and was even able to buy enough quantity to keep the price the same as it was. Now it's safe to run jet fuel in your tractor if that's your thing lol. :jump1

It's probably gonna get worse over time so I've been stocking a lot heavier on USA parts so they will still be here long after they are gone everywhere else. :thumb1

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