854 back rest project

07 Apr 2018 13:05 - 07 Apr 2018 13:07 #14465 by motor12
Some say the 854 had a factory back rest, if it didn't so be it. My 854 has one, and this is what i did.
I bought two one foot by three feet pieces of 1/8 in. ash hobby grade plywood. Then cut to a rough 8 in. by 1 foot size and glued four pieces face to face with lots of wood glue. Then clamped the 1/2 in. piece to a curved concert garden border section with every clamp and vice grip I had. Let it dry over night, when I removed the clamps the plywood retained the curve. After making the back rest pattern on paper I traced it onto the plywood and carefully cut out the back piece. Then located the attaching holes , installed the recessed 5/16 in nuts. Finally put two coats of sealer on to water proof the plywood. I don't have the know how or equipment to do the vinyl cover so I took it to my local upholstery guy and he did the covering. The finished back rest has 1 1/2 in of dense foam with a marine grade vinyl. the overall size is 10 in. wide by 7 in. high and 1/2 in plywood with 1 1/2 in. foam. It is comfortable and looks good on the 854.

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07 Apr 2018 13:22 #14466 by nappypappy
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well now that is a mighty fine looking backrest if I may say so.............good job...............................................................:10 :woo :bacon0

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Expert work as always Motor, very nice. :10 :10 :10

There was a backrest option for those tractors but they didn't come with it on the tractor, it was an accessory. I have one around here somewhere lol. :rolling

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08 Apr 2018 08:29 #14470 by GT 14
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