How To Create A Contact List In The PM System

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02 Mar 2015 14:51 - 02 Mar 2015 19:53 #207 by Sandra
You can create a contact list through the pm system.

Click on the blue "Private Messages" link at the top right.

Click on Contacts.

Click on "Create new contact list"

Type the name of your contact list in both boxes.

Select all the members from the right box you wish to add to your contact list
by clicking on the name then click on the black left arrow.
It will appear in the left box.

If you would like to remove a member from the list,
click on a member in the left box and click on the black right arrow.
Once you are finished creating your list, click the "Save" button.

You will now see your newly created contact list.
If you would like to edit or delete a contact list, you can click on
one of the icons over to the right.

You can create several contact lists.

To add a contact list to a pm, click on the drop down box.
Select the contact lists that you would like to add to your pm.
Each contact list will be seperated by a comma ( , )
Once your pm is complete, click the "Send".

The pm system will send the pm individually to each member with in the contact list.
The "Outbox" will show each member that recieved the pm that was sent.

If you have added member to several contact lists and you send it to those, that
particular pm will be sent to that member more than once.

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