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01 Jul 2015 00:01 #6401 by Bobster
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Well, it's been a complete day of nothing but working on the 857. I removed and cleaned gas tank. Finally got the old petcock out and replaced it with a new one I had already bought for it. Replaced the fuel line and installed a small plastic fuel filter. I removed the sparkplug and attached a hose to the output of the fuel pump. I pumped about a half gallon of gas thru the pump and all seemed ok.
I soaked the carb again in Carb cleaner for about 4 hours. Rinsed everything in mineral spirits. and then sprayed everything with carb/choke spray. Dried everything with air hose. Put the whole thing back together using lithium grease to hold gaskets in place. Looked good. Put in back on the tractor. One of the seals in the little hose that connects the fuel pump to the carb was cracked badly. I cut a piece of plastic fuel line to replace the black rubber seal and it worked ok. No leak but I don't really trust it. Wonder where I could get the seals from.

Started right up and sounds really good.

Now I have a couple new problems.

Shifter wont go in any gear
Trans input pulley turns really rough
Took rear wheels off and the left hub almost fell off axle.
When you turn one hub the other turns opposite direction (normal I think)
Shouldn't the brake hub turn with rear axles?

Any info is good info.

Anyone have a complete tranny that is known good?

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01 Jul 2015 05:21 #6402 by nappypappy
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Glad you got it running.....That carb looked pretty messed up....:goodjob :smile2

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01 Jul 2015 05:54 #6404 by GT 14
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Good job on the carb, looks like a transmission tear down in your future.

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01 Jul 2015 08:15 #6407 by Geno
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Glad you got her running Bobster, we knew you could do it. :10

Sounds like the trans will have to come apart, would be nice to know what's going on in there, hopefully something simple and you can save it. :)

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