Bert's Avatar
Bert : Good morning :c2 :hello
Sat 24 Feb - 08:51
Geno's Avatar
Geno : Happy weekend all :c4
Sat 24 Feb - 07:59
nappypappy's Avatar
Sat 24 Feb - 06:53
nappypappy's Avatar
Fri 23 Feb - 08:15
Geno's Avatar
Geno : Morning all :th7
Fri 23 Feb - 07:48
Bert's Avatar
Bert : :c2 :hello
Fri 23 Feb - 06:49
GT 14's Avatar
GT 14 : Morning :c1:wrain:c1
Thu 22 Feb - 07:59
Geno's Avatar
Geno : Morning all :wrain
Thu 22 Feb - 07:55
nappypappy's Avatar
Thu 22 Feb - 07:09
Geno's Avatar
Geno : Morning all :clap
Wed 21 Feb - 07:55

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I am Santa today lol

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nappypappy replied the topic: I am Santa today lol

looks like a lot of work for something that does nothing that I could see.......maybe if it was a heater since its 13 here I would be impressed..........:smile2 :hello :sorry :bacon0

You can lead a horse to water but you cant make him drink.
I can't see the forest for the trees.

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