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520 Grease Cap Installer

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Geno created the topic: 520 Grease Cap Installer

As most of you know I have been in make it mode here lately. It's getting bad I'm afraid. :tounge2 I went to put a grease cap on a 520 yesterday and said hey I can make a tool for that, so here it is.

Start out with a piece of 2 inch exhaust pipe, all I stock is the 16 gauge aluminzed but anything will work. Cut a piece to your desired length (mine is about 6") and get the ends square, especially the one that will drive the cap as square as possible. I used a scrap that wasn't squared but I squared it on the mill. Put it on a pipe bender and swell 1 end deeper than needed until the cap fits snug but not tight. I swelled it as deep as I could. Swell the other end the same but not too deep and put something heavier in it for the hammer side then weld it in. I used a piece of 2" x 1/2" thick steel. If you don't have a pipe bender then just take a grease cap to a muffler shop so they can swell the pipe for you. You can also show them this post so they can see what you're up to. :thumb1

A little paint to the color you like and it's done. Cheap, easy, and no more fighting or denting caps. :thumb

Hint: There is a small lip inside exhaust pipe where it is seamed that should be ground flat before swelling.

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