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Wheel Horse 518211 Bumper

Brand: 3M
Product Code: Wheel Horse 518211 Bumper
Availability: 120
Dimensions: 0.80in x 0.80in x 0.30in
MPN: Wheel Horse 518211 Bumper
Location: WHS-KY

Price: $1.99

Wheel Horse 518211 Bumper.  This bumper is the same as the original and used on a lot of tractors in a lot of places.  They are most commonly used from the factory on the tractors with steps and mounted on the step over the round hole to insulate it from the rear fender pan.  We use them on rear seat brackets that lift and a lot of other places that require insulation.  These are the best out there, 3M brand with 3M adhesive so they will stay put.

If you need instructions see the installation instructions in the Instructions tab above.


Wheel Horse 518211 BumperMade in USA.

Price includes 1 - Wheel Horse 518211 Bumper. 

Application Instructions:

(1) Apply to any smooth, flat surface such as glass, metal, etc.

(2) Surfaces must be clean and dry. With a clean cloth, use a low strength solvent like isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol).

(3) Do not attempt to use on fabric, course concrete walls, rough sand finishes, or loose paint.

(4) Remove paper liner. Avoid touching adhesive with fingers. Place bumper desired location and press firmly.

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