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Wheel Horse 7879 Bushing

Product Code: 7879
Availability: 75
Dimensions: 0.00in x 0.00in x 0.00in
MPN: 7879
Location: WHS-KY

Price: $6.99

2 or more $5.99

This bushing replaces the Wheel Horse 7879 Bushing at half the cost.  They were used in a lot of places where 1/2" steel rods were used, PTO rod, auto transmission lever rod, some of the rear fender pans, etc.  They are a split design making them very easy to put in by hand.  No more breaking the bronze bushing lips trying to get them in.  They also compensate for poor housing bore tolerances as well as temperature or humidity changes, and are self lubricating and maintenance free.

Wheel Horse 7879 Bushing replacement.     Made in USA

Price includes 1 - Wheel Horse 7879 Bushing Replacement.


Outer Diameter: 0.5618"
Shaft Size: 0.4990" - 0.5000"
Flange Size: 3/4"
Flange Thickness: 0.0299"
Bore Size:    0.5000"
Housing Bore Size 0.5618" - 0.5635"
Length: 3/8"
Max PV (psi X fpm) Dry: 3400
Rusty Tinsnips on 12-22-2020 09:52 PM
These fit perfect and are very easy to install.
James on 12-26-2020 08:14 AM
Sure easy to put in by hand like you said. Thanks for coming up with a better part at a better price I will be using these from now on.
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