GT14's C-225

This Wheel Horse tractor is another one of a kind.  It was repowered with a 22HP Predator engine, completely restored, and renamed to a C-225, it also has custom decals to match.  The owner and builder is GT14 (Richard), check it out!


Should have taken more pictures when I first got the tractor. It was already a modified C-175 with an almost new Kohler CH18s (which is why I bought it). I promptly removed the Kohler and put it in my GT 14 to replace an oil burning Onan.


This tractor sat for about 5 years until this spring when a Harbor Freight 22hp caught my eye and the prices was right, so a redo began.

My original intention was to just repower the tractor, but there was a hood and fender to repair and the paint on the instrument tower and hood was nasty, so the work began.


Test fit of the new engine, lots of room under the black hood.

Then power wash, sand blast and paint.


 The hood had been modified for the Kohler so a patch was made.

Engine mounts are fabricated.


 Fender was all broken and cracked.   After some plastic and elbow grease it was ready to go.



The end result a C-225 ready for the rigours of yard work.