Nappys 416-8

This is the restoration of Nappy's 416-8.  He bought it new and it was in need of a little work, so with the help of Wheel Horse Stables, some of it's Staffs financial help, and Terry's awesome decals it was given a new life!

Nappy needed a little work on his old Wheel Horse.  It had a little mishap and ended up rolling down a hill and did some pretty good damage to the old girl.  We were in the area so we picked it up and brought it back to the shop to "rewire" it and get it running. 
After a good pressure washing we looked it over good and truthfully it was almost beyond saving. I've never seen so many cracks and splits in the metal on a tractor before. This was gonna be a real challenge.  With the help of some of the staff donating to the cause, Terry furnishing the decal set, and a whole lot of work, we were gonna get this little Horse back to the way she should be.  It was just gonna take a lot of sanding, welding, fixing, and blasting.
The framework, steering, and engine work was all done and it was time to start on some paint.  Everything that was to be painted black was all welded up, prepped and painted. 
Next it was on to painting the frame, and installing the newly painted wheels and detailed tires.  Now she was really starting to take shape.
Finally on to the sheet metal.  All of the sheet metal was finally straight, all welded up, and we got on the the painting. 
After a little assembly and doing a complete rewiring of the tractor it was on to my favorite part.  Terry (Vinylguy) furnished a nice patriotic decal set and it was time to put them on!
We took the tractor down to the farm to the 2015 WHS Spring Show.  It sat in a few different places for hours as we all watched to see if he would recognize it.  Finally we told him that the pretty tractor was his, and he was shocked to say the least.  Thanks to all who helped make this possible and we all hope Nappy enjoys his baby for another 30+ years!