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03 Aug 2021 09:43 - 03 Aug 2021 09:43 #17198 by Geno
What WHS is all about was created by Geno
** This post is mainly about why we don't sell and ship all of the parts we have all over the country, and somewhere that I can reference peeps to when this question is asked instead of answering it all over the place anymore. :tounge2 Most peeps already know what we do around here.

A lot of peeps say they don't understand why with all these parts we don't just list them, sell them all, and ship them all over. That's not what Wheel Horse Stables is all about, and the evidence is in thousands and thousands of posts all over this forum. I have explained this 100 times and counting, but it's not what a lot of peeps want to hear so they keep this question stirred up lol. :laughing

I sell parts every single day, but what some don't really get because they've never owned or run a successful business on a nation wide scale, (and some just don't want to hear) is that this is a walk in, hands on, long term business. It is a Wheel Horse only restoration, repair shop, fab shop, etc, with customers from Seattle WA to Central Maine, Wisconsin to Texas, everywhere in-between, and the only one of it's kind in the USA. You can look through literally thousands of posts here and see where these parts are all used or made to do things in the shop for customers all over the USA all the time. There are also many many more jobs that are not posted here, there are just not enough hours in a day and we work at least 72 hours a week, most weeks are more than that. :whew

I plan on doing this for many many more years, the rest of my life if the Lord allows. We do work for peeps from coast to coast and also have regular customers that come from many other States all the time. I can't do what I do or take care of peeps that walk through my door if I don't have parts, and as a walk in full time Wheel Horse only business my first priority has to be to the peeps that walk through my door every day. :thumb1

So I guess to answer the question,,, we do sell parts, probably more than any other Wheel Horse peeps in the country every single day, we just do it in a different way. :smile2

**On another note... There is also a store on this site where we do sell a lot of small parts that we make here, upgraded or discontinued parts, or have thousands of in stock that we buy from the same manufacturers that Wheel Horse and Toro did. A lot of them are parts that no one else has that we may make or have made for us that have been discontinued, upgraded from the original part, are at a much lower cost than anywhere else that we buy in quantity use in the shop daily, or all of the above. More info about that part of what we do is here - More About WHS Parts

There are a lot of long term plans, one of which is to increase what is in the store as time allows as we find, run out of, or make new parts for customers in the shop that we don't already have or make. This leads to another subject of there not being enough hours in a day and not enough space or help, but that is being worked on daily as well. We will just have to continue to live 1 day at a time and do all we can each day to improve what we do for everyone. :thumb1

Welcome to the Stables!
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03 Aug 2021 10:56 #17199 by CortlandBill
Replied by CortlandBill on topic What WHS is all about
great insight - always been super impressed and admire what you do there - thanks for the outline -- yes, we know you do something special there and thats why so many of us are fans
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