Custom Onan Plug Wires

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30 Mar 2019 17:06 #15288 by Geno
Custom Onan Plug Wires was created by Geno
I have a customer that needs the late B-80 coil wire which is longer and has a right angle coil connector, the coil is mounted on the back of the engine instead of near the carb. Now that the parts are here for that one I can build the Onan wires as well. :thumb1

I was surprised when I got a new Onan wire out of my stock and saw the cheap coil connector... :doh

These will have a heavier, thicker boot on each end with a longer support on the wire side, the coil connector will be the true 90 pictured so when you pull on the connector when removing it (not the wire), 20 strand copper core just like the WHS Kohler wires (not fiber), and of course all parts are made in USA. It is also 1" longer than the original, the Onan was just a little tighter than I liked. :woo

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