Custom Kohler Plug Wires

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19 Mar 2018 17:22 - 22 Nov 2019 18:12 #14393 by Geno
Well it looks like I'm in the custom plug wire business now lol. :doh :rolling

I just can't find a perfect wire that will last. Part of it is I wanted a black silicone wire with a real copper core and real fittings, not too short or not too long. I can't believe the junk out there with a push in coil connector for $20, even the Stens is like that. The Kohler wire is over $30 and still has to be cut to length and the coil end installed. :help I've found the only way to do this right and economically is to make them here.

This one will be better than the original Kohler mainly because of the reinforcement spring on the plug connector to make sure it always snaps on and stays tight, stainless coil terminal, and silicone boots and wire jacket. All of the boots and connectors, etc are Made in USA. :woo

I will probably make a bunch of them made to fit and done, around 10" long and put them in the store for around $19.99. :thumb1

1st pic is the $20 or so cheap stuff, 2nd pic is the over $30.00 Kohler wire, last pic are my new materials.

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19 Mar 2018 19:53 #14397 by Bert
Replied by Bert on topic Custom Kohler Plug Wires
Great idea :thumb1
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