WHS Site and Forum Registration. (24 Jul 2018)

I have changed the way registration is done for the site. I deleted over 300 spammers, (and prob a few good ones) last weekend alone. The forum can be seen by all the public and with 15K visitors a day, a lot of them younger people I can't take the chance on something ugly showing up on the site like is happening on the FB sites and other forums. The only pretty full proof way I can think of to keep the place clean is the new way of doing things.

On the front page under the pic it reads, "Due to all the spammers the register link for the WHS Forum has been removed. If you want to sign up for the WHS Forum just give us a call, information is on the contact us page. Thank You."

So that's where we are now lol. You can give me a call at and I can set you up. It's a lot more work for me but I feel it's worth it to keep the site clean :thumb1

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Mowing with the sickle

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Lift bar hitting the center spindle on 48" deck.

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48 Side Discharge Deck - Spindle Bearings - Sealed?

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There I Was Mowing Right Along When...

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Bachtold fence mower pics

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by M Bailey
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